About Sheers

Sheers is the world's largest application dedicated to creating relationships everywhere without exception, based on communication.

Bringing People Together

Sheers is a social network designed to bring people from all walks of life together.

Do More What You Want To Do

You could report a mischief in your neighborhood, report that your child is lost in an amusement park, or even see live that is in two of your favorite bars to help you choose where you go tonight.

Meet And Chat With Like Minded People

On Sheers, you can even address people in the area that interests you, directly and without having to know them beforehand.


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Filter and find people on map based on location, categories and interest.


See who is available near you and start to chat. Quick messages and seamless chatting experience with Firebase.


Express what you want to with meme images, GIFs, audio, videos and more.

Secure Access

Quick signup with Facebook or Email. Secure OTP based access.


See full profile of your match with picture, age, category, interest and distance.


Mute specific chats, or the entire app – you can even archive or delete chats.


Control your chat and search availability. You can even block a user or report to admin.

Back Office

Complete backoffice system for managing users, roles, categories, and system configuration.


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"It is a must-have FREE social community app for like-minded people to connect and meet."
— Alex
"It is a must-have FREE social community app for like-minded people to connect and meet."
— Emma


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